Coming to a new country with a different culture, language and way of life is difficult for anyone. Most international students are young and far from their families. So it’s even more important that they are well cared for here. This is why AEP are always present before and during the staying of the foreign student. We usually do in two phases:


This section covers topics as accommodation options, arranging medical insurance, tuition fee payments, visa requirements, budgeting for living expenses, advice on what the student has to bring with him(her).

  1. We choose a proper university for the student according to the field chosen by the student.
  2. We arrange the invitation and take an admission letter for the student and send it to the student in his country by the carrier of his choice if available in Ukraine.
  3. We help him to prepare the necessary documents for university and for Visa
  4. We take care of the arrangement of annual medical assurance and other type of assurances for the student.(Also we need to pay your attention that both medical certificates are valid for a period of 2 months by law. Accordingly, if a student was executing his documents for a long time and at passing an entry point, his medical certificates will be expired, in this case, he will have to again execute his medical certificates and to legalize them in the embassy.)
  5. Once the student has landed in Ukraine one of our agents will be waiting for him at the airport.We pay your attention to the procedure of passing an entry point in the airport. Besides your passport and visa the border services (customs) check the set of the documents necessary for admission to the university and on the base of which Visa was given for you, these are : invitation, birth certificate, medical certificate, medical certificate of AIDS examination, school leaving certificate with extract of given marks. All the documents are to be legalized in the embassy. That’s why the student is to keep all these documents with him at hand luggage and not to check in his language.Also, please, inform us in two weeks before your arrival to Ukraine.


Post Arrival

  • The agent will take him (her) first to his (her) place of accommodation from the airport.
  • As the main purpose of which the student come to Ukraine is study, we will carry him through the university admission procedure, in preparing all the required documents of the student, present them to the university. In case of an interview with the dean we are beside the student during the interview to make sure that everything is in order.
  • After the admission to the university, we proceed to the immigration registration in order to get the permission to stay; this is the reason why we always ask the student to bring all the required documents.Mountain View
  • We help the student to make all the payment: the tuition fees and other expenses. Prepare and arrange the materials for the preparation department.
  • The first month, we are with the student to help get used to city and the university, we serve as connection between the student and the administration of the university.
  • We have also some extra activities like trips, excursions out or in the city that we can arrange for the student, if the student is willing to be involved in such activities
  • And the last but not the least, we help the student to get admission to enter the first course( grade) to the university he chose from the beginning, and this is what actually we have guaranteed when the student get an invitation.

The first few weeks of being an international student are likely to be the most obviously overwhelming. There’s so much to take in, so many new places and people, and it can take a while to find your feet.