Arman Education Plus was established in 2005 to provide services to foreign students willing to study in Ukraine.
We ensure that students enroll in educational institutions in cities that they would like to live in and with courses that will help them achieve their lifelong goals.

The relationship between Arman Education Plus and education institutions in Ukraine is very strong and we work hard to ensure that our students receive the best possible assistance with their course selection, visa process, and enrolment. Also we assist our students to adapt to Ukrainian lifestyle and Ukrainian education system.
Our Mission is to always provide our clients an excellent service which exceeds their expectations.

The bridge between Students and Ukrainian Institution.

Arman Education Plus maintains top level relationships with all key Ukrainian institutions. We have a decade’s experience in student recruitment worldwide. We are one of Ukrainian’s most experienced education agencies.

Recruitment Aim

Study lays the foundations for an individual’s career and life experiences. It also provides international foundations for increased commercial and cultural exchange between countries. AEP aim is to provide a full serviced, backed assistance by the best advice and possible.

Education Exchange

AEP has assisted thousands of international students achieve their dream of studying in Ukraine.
When you study in Ukraine you will receive:

• An international education
• Affordable education and reasonable living condition
• Globally recognized qualifications
• Increased independence and maturity
• Enhanced understanding of different cultural perspectives

Ukrainian Universities are globally recognized, ideal for students preparing for the global employment market. The high standard of Ukrainian education is well reflected in the brilliant performance of Ukrainian student teams in international competitions in software programming, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and astrophysics.

Why Choose AEP?

AEP understands that relocation to a new country can be stressful. That is why we offer a range of student support services including:
• Student counseling pre and post-departure
• University placements
• Advice and guidance